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Gye Nyame Services

To assist and care for the needy children and orphans in the remote areas, To assist the youth, street children and school drop-outs in acquiring employable skills, To provide scholarship schemes and books to the needy but brilliant children, To provide used clothing and food the needy, hospitals and orphanages.

In meeting physical needs, our aims are:

  • Building schools, orphanage homes, libraries, workshops, clinics, hospitals.

  • Providing relief items like food, medicine and clothing among others to deprived people.

  • Establishing training programmes that will empower the people economically i.e.; AIDS seminars and good governance.

  • Creating employment opportunities through the establishment of small-scale industries and farms to promote self-sustainability, and self-employment.

  • To provide free computer literacy programmes especially for the less privileged.

  • Establishing a scholarship scheme to assist students.

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